A brief announcement

Rather inconveniently for the title of this blog, I now have a new job! It hasn’t started yet, so currently I’m not technically lying, but once the festive season is over things around here will have to change. It just so happens that I had prepared sufficient posts to keep the blog going until I left for France at Christmas, and so I’ll publish those for the next two Wednesdays in my usual rhythm. Next Wednesday’s is especially splenetic, and I’d hate you to miss it!

I hope you’ll continue to visit when the blog becomes The No-Longer-Jobless Blog. (And a prize of Twitter glory for the first to think of a snappier and more imaginative title – please leave your suggestions in the comments below.) For those who’ve appreciated my grumpy old man style, you will not be disappointed as my sour disposition in fact had nothing to do with being unemployed. For those who’ve longed for a sunnier atmosphere and less sniping, you probably will be disappointed.

But at least you can look all forward to a wider range of distemper, covering, well, anything. No-one and nothing will be safe!


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