It’s Christmas time…

Well, it’s been quite a year. The blog has transmogrified from The Still-Jobless Blog to its current more optimistic form, and I can only hope that it doesn’t back-slide as the Coalition’s spending cuts really start to take hold – amid the depressing knowledge that as yet they haven’t really even begun.

But now is no time for being maudlin. I’m a sucker for Christmas, both because of its significance for my faith, and because of its sentimental associations with my happy childhood. Well, happy most of the time, and as happy as it’s possible for someone afraid of their own shadow to be!

With my hopes rising for a reasonably decent journey to France tomorrow (and surely I’ve paid my penance to the irate gods of motorway havoc through my icy imprisonment on Saturday night) I’m looking forward to rest, recuperation, and a rigorous approach to eating and drinking.

But not before another equally icy penance is paid in this beautiful church (that regular readers will know was the venue for our wedding) during Midnight Mass – when faith is tested as much by one’s willingness to flirt with hypothermia as it is by any doctrinal inquisition.

So “Happy Christmas”, and a lovely Winterval to the allergic atheists amongst you, and may blessings from whatever source you prefer to receive them shower you with peace and love this festive season.

And of course, thank you for supporting my blog all year, for your perceptive comments, and, I hope, for your continued visits in the New Year!


3 thoughts on “It’s Christmas time…

  1. Happy Christmas!

    Here’s hoping your journey to France is swift. Thats a beautiful picture of the church btw, despite being an atheist I’m a sucker for a well lit church photo 😉

    I’ve enjoyed watching your blog evolve and flourish this year, even though your prolific output puts many of us fellow bloggers to shame. An eventful and rewarding year all round, here’s to another in 2011.


  2. Best wishes and a very happy Christmas to you too. As far as faith is concerned . . . it’s an anguish . . . but Christmas is Christmas and, wherever we are with our spiritual lives – it’s daft to cut it adrift from its origins. Winterval indeed!

    Keep warm.

    Good travelling.

    Prayers welcome.


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